Thomas F McKinney to Stephen F Austin, 02-13-1830

Summary: Introducing James Bowie. Arrival of Padilla has much improved conditions in East Texas.

Nacogdoches 13 Feby 1830

Dr. Sir

permit me to introduce to you Mr. James Bowie a gentleman who stands highly esteemed by his acquaintances and merits the attention particularly of the citizens of Texas as he is disposed to become a citizen of the country and will evidently be able to promote its general interest. I hope you and Mr. Bowie may concur in sentiments and that you may facilitate his views. We are happy to boast of a most happy change of things since the arrival of Dn J. Á. Padilla. I think your hopes will be realized by the course adopted by the Commissioner and we will be able to glide calmly along without any remains of former curses. The military appear to have their duty much better than formerly. If they are doing anything in the old dishonesty it is in a private way and their impertinences have abated. in much haste

Thomas F. McKinkey [Rubric]

Col. Stephen F. Austin