John W Faulkner to Stephen F Austin, 02-23-1830

Summary: Forty citizens wish information of conditions in Texas.

Wigginsville Clarke Co. Alabama 23rd Feby 1830.


You will excuse the liberty I have taken in addressing you a few lines on the subject of inquiry about your country (Texas) first I wish you to inform me where bouts is the largest sea port Town on theither [either] of the Bays and the prospects of its being the largest and the best back and up country to support it, with the helth of either place etc also what business is doing and likely to continu, and at what advance are Dry Goods sold at on the New York or New Orleans cost the advantages and disadvantages of getting them to the town etc. also should be glad to recie the laws of your count[r] y for my own and my frinds [and] neighbors use and if liked will no doubt leave this for yurs this spring or fall, also let me know if negroes can be brought in to that country, Capt. Wyley White Brother of Joseph White of your country informs me that the River Brassoss is the largest and most navagable Stream in that country with good lands on it and speaks of a Town at the mouth of the River on the Bay by the name of Boliver and that a very respectable business is doing in it and is likely to be a very large Town and he thinks the largest in that Country.

Your ideas on this subject knowing that they must be weighty (?) the best that could be produced would be very thankfully recd by abut 40 very respectable citicens who feal great interest in the siteation of that entry the advantages and disadvantages.

If you have a map of the country or can draw one showing the Rivers Towns bays and country designating the Rich Land etc. they also would be very thankfully recvd at this office. Let me know if there is not frequently vessels from New Orleans and Mobile to Boliver or any other towns on the bays that persons going to and from might be accomodated with this facility together with any other information that may present itself to your views will be most thankfully recvd (also let me know if goods are sold on a credit like they generally is in Alabama and greatly oblige yours

John W. Faulkner

is your country at warre with Spain now or not as I see Mexico is which is thought here will affect Texas as it is under the same Governmt but again it is said those persons living in Texas is not to engage in war or to take sides or to be called on for 12 years to come is this a fact or not.

which is the best Town in Texas for Merchandising and what kind of Goods is most suitable for the country, my ides are such as Domestieks and Hard war such as farming articals etc. Shoes Hats and the reda made clothing etc and but few very fine goods.

John W. Faulkner free p. m.

[Address:] Col Austin Town of Austin Province of Texas The Post Master at New Orleans will please forward this by the first vessel or privil cvyance to greatly oblige the writer,

J. W. Faulkner