Stephen F Austin to Texas Gazette, 03-27-1830

Summary: Benefits to be expected from Terán's military plans.

The latest information from Mexico gives a very favorable account of the state of public affairs, when compared with the events of the last six months.

The 'Plan' of the Army of reserve,' at Jalapa, in favor of the Federal Constitution, and system of government, has been sanctioned by a decree of both Houses of Congress; and the States, in general, have taken a very firm stand to the same effect. This unanimity of public sentiment, once manifested throughout the nation, appeal's to have quieted party excitements; and the Constitutional authorities are busily engaged in restoring order and organization to the different branches of the public administration.

It is understood that His Excellency Gen. Teran, is shortly expected in this department, with a respectable body of troops, intended for the protection of our frontiers.—The Tahaucana Indians have recently committed numerous depredations in the Vicinity of San Antonio de Bexar, and are Daily becoming more insolent. The arrival of Gen. Teran, we make no doubt, will effectually check the predatory excursions of those faithless savages, and afford complete protection to the settlements. There is also much reason [on] the frontier to expect that important benefits will result to Texas from the location of an officer in It, of the high military, scientific and moral character of General Teran.

This effort of the government to protect and foster the infant settlements of this remote member of the Union, affords an additional proof of the paternal care of the General Government towards the inhabitants of Texas.—If ever there was a people who have reason to be satisfied with their government, it is WE, the people of Texas.