Thomas Carter to Stephen F Austin, 04-07-1830

Summary: Wants information about Texas. Wants to move with family of 30 (20 being "black servants").

Eatenton putnam County Georgia 7th April 1830

Colonel Stephen. F. Austin. Dear Sir I am informed by Capt James Lusk of the State of Ohio Butler County that he visited Texes about four or five years past and that he became personally acquainted with you and yur province my friend Lusk gave me leave to make use of his name in addressing you, my motive for this address is that I wish to emigrate to your province from the history of Texes I am well pleasd and from the information of Lusk and others that have viewed the province I believe I Shall like your province Dear Sir I now wish you to inform me by letter as Soon as practicable on what terms I may obtain land in your province that I may move my family thirty in number twenty of my family is black servants the balance ar a wife and children my oldes Son is 18 years old a daughter that [is] nearly 17 years of age If I Should emigrate in all probability a considerable number of respectable citizens of the State of Georgia will probable i migrate with me Some macannick of difrent Trades Some members of the Baptist and Methodist Episcopal Church Some off hoom are welthy and ranks amongs those in the first Circle in this State please give mee a Sketch of the Constitution of your province with a Sketch of a code of your laws and whether a Slave holding province or not and with regard to religion whether a man will bee allowed to worship agreeable to the dictates of his own conciens or not I feel disposed to visit your province So Soon as I can have a answer from you from Capt Lusks Statement to mee it is your wish for your province to bee Settled with good Society as soon as practicable If I should not bee answered by you I Shall visit your province in the cours of twelve months for the purpose of viewing the cuntry and if I Should like make arangement to emigrate there— I was born in the State of Virginia my father move[d] to the then frontiers of Georgia when I was a Smal boy in the year 1782 if I Should move I can bring with mee recommendations from his Excellency the Governor from the Judges of Court and the highes Military officers in the State your answer in Some way will bee thankfully received directed to Eatenton putnam County State of Georgia, Capt Lusk told me that I might do well to write to you on the Subject and was of opinion that you would bee pleased to See citizens from Georgia emigrating to your province I have therefore troubled you with this address with due respect your humble Servt

Thomas Carter

To the Honourable Stephen F Austin

[Addressed:] Colonel Stephen F. Austin Province of Texes in the Town of Saint philip D. Austin's on the River Rio brasses by the way of Alexandria Louisinia