Lucas Alaman to Governor Viesca, 04-07-1830

Summary: Quoting orders to General Terán to enforce the law of April 6 against further settlement of Americans in Texas.

First Secretairys office of the State, of Exteriour department

Most Excellent Sir

on this date I have written to the General of division Don Manuel de Mier y Teran as Follows—

" Most Excellent Sir »

The discussion concerning the project of law mentioned in note bearing date The 17th of February last has been concluded yesterday and ordered to be published Comformably— I Send you Copies of them and at present I limit myself in Sending you them— reserving to send you by the first mail, your respective instructions, for you to act Comformably and according to what his excellency The Vice president has thought proper to appoint Your Excellency—Commissioner of those States, to which Nomination the same law gives you the faculty of—and in consequence of what has been told your Excellency in the Supreme order above Staled— So untill you receive Some instructions The Vice president wishes, that you together with his Excellency the Governor of that State Should take the Correspondant measures, to put an end to those Contracts, which have not been Complied with and those which may be contrary to the adjunct law— His Excellency hopes by taking this Step, that your Excellency, will act with the prudence and Judgement which characterises you in Such a high degree— and that Such measures Shall not now or hereafter, be a motive, of which they may take advantage, to Suscítate any inquietud, by putting an end to the introduction of North american Colonists, a proper, Consideration of this effect, Shall be given to the agents of the republic, which are in those States, and they must let it be known, to avoid any Claimes whatever—-

I transfer it to your Excellency, for his notice, and Corresponding effects— Mexico 7th April 1830. Alaman God and Liberty

Most Excellent Sir Governor of the State of Coahuila y Texas