Stephen F Austin to Elias R Wightman, 04-07-1830

Summary: Instructions for surveying.

Mr E. K. Weightman,

Sir, Should you wish to commense work before my return you will call on Mr Williams for the plots of the Surveying done by Borden on the waters of San Jacinto, so as to connect your work with his—

I wish you to commense at the mouth of the west fork a short distance above the Tuscasito road and work up the west side of the Main San Jacinto and on all the creeks that discharge into it on the west side

I do not know where each of the families are who have entered land in that quarter and you will call on Williams for a list of them taken from the register and survey land for them all, they paying you the Surveying fees or arrangeing them to your satisfaction, and also you can survey for all who have certificates of reception but for no others—

You will be guided by the printed regulations issued by the Commissioner Juan Antonio Padilla— Be carefull to regulate your chain and Compass agreeably to the Standard heretofore used in this Colony as directed in Said printed regulations.

You will make your returns and a general connected plot of your work as soon as possible, and write the name, in pencil, of the applicant for each tract, on the tract on the Genl. plot.

Take especial care not to leave any vacancies or irregular Slips between tracts, Should it be absolutely necessary to leave any vacant land let it be in the middle of some prairie, where there is neither water nor timber, that is, land which is of no use at all for pasture or anything else—

San Felipe de Austin 7 April 1830

S. F. Austin [Rubric]

A tract was granted to David Harris on the west side of San Jacinto, and you will connect your work with the upper line of that tract, I believe that line has never been run and you will therefore run it. The lines of this tract as discribed in the deed of concessions are as follows— " Begining at the mouth of the West fork of San Jacinto at a post from which a hickory bears ÜT. 40 W 10 bars marked D. H. and a sicomore bears S. 50 W 8 bars Marked D. H. thence west 5850 varas, thence south 5000 vs. thence east 3265 vs to the river—"

The upper corner of this tract is at the fork which enters San Jacinto a short distance above the Tuscasite road before mentioned—• Say about a Mile or there abouts.

Frederick Rankin can shew you the corner as it is only a short distance above where he first settled at the Tuscasite road, and your best way is to go from here direct to his home where he now lives in what they call " New Kentucky "— This corner will be your begining place, and from there work up as before Stated— I wish you to finish all that country including all the branches and creeks west of the main San Jacinto up to its head, as soon as possible for I wish all the returns by the Middle of May at Most—

S F Austin [Rubric]