Joseph D Grafton to Stephen F Austin, 05-05-1830

Summary: Inquiring conditions of settlement in Texas.

St. Genevieve, Mri, May 55 1830

Dr Sir,

At the request of my wife (late Mrs. Henry Elliott) I take the liberty of addressing you.—

As the bearer leaves this in a few minutes, I have only time to ask a few questions, and will be thankful for your reply at an early day.—

1. My family consists of myself, wife and 7 children, four of whom are of the late Henry Elliott.— What encouragement for such a family to join your settlement?

2. What encouragement for persons half way professional, I being successor to the late Thos. Oliver, as Clerk of the Courts, here ?—

3. Is it necessary, in your Colony, to profess the Catholic faith ?

4. My wife requests me to ask whether you would make to Henry Elliotts' only son (Charles) any donation of lands, on account of H. Elliott's trip to Texas in 1822—?

5. Whether a business man, but without much capital, could probably acquire a good living in connexion with Capt. Henry Austins Steam boat line ?

As business in the Courts is getting very small in this County, I have an idea of removing to some other place, but with so large a family, I would not like to do it without a reasonable certainty of belter things elsewhere.—your early reply will greatly oblige me.-— Mrs. Grafton unites with me in the expression of sentiments of true respect.—

Jos. D. Grafton [Rubric]

[Addressed:] Stephen F Austin Esq. San Fellipe De Austin Texas Mr. Beard