Thomas J Chambers to Stephen F Austin, 05-12-1830

Summary: Great alarm in East Texas over rumors that State and Federal Governments plan injury to American settlers. Imprisonment of Padilla, the land commissioner, strengthens suspicions.

Col. Stephen F. Austin,

Dear Sir, I have been sometime hunting for you, and not having been able to fall in with you, I have determined to await you a few days in this place. Business of importance to the public brings me to see you. The Commissioner is imprisoned and suspended by the Political Chief on a charge of murder. The most violent and fatal meaures are takeing both by the States and general governments in relation to the colonies of this department, so far as relates to the Americans. Some of these measures are open and public, but others consist in Secret orders directed to various persons in the department. The information I possess on this subject, I will communicate to you when I see you.

The ebullition of public feeling in our quarter is fearfull. I think the public wellfare requires your immediate atention. I hope to see you in a few days.

T. J. Chambers [Rubric]

Sn. Felipe de Austin May 12th 1830

[Addressed:] Col. Stephen F. Austin Donde se halle Majr. Lewis