Stephen F Austin to Henry Austin, 06-01-1830

Summary: Law of April 6 a capital error because it tends to disaffect colonists who feel strong loyalty to Mexico. They do not want to belong to the united States. The law will not affect Austin's colony, however, where immigration will continue as before. Terán the author of the law.

To Capt. Henry Austin—

My dear Sir—I have never heard what was the result of your application for a grant of land which you informed me you had presented to the Govt of this State—have you received any answer ? I presume you have of course seen the law of the 6th of April— that law will be a dead letter in Texas so far as regards my colony for the 10th Article covers me entirely:

A more impolitic measure could not have been adopted by this Govt— All the new settlers were opposed to a change of Govt or a sale of Texas to the U. S.—they were becoming sincerely attached to this Govt and they always have been faithful and always would be— This Govt has a stronger hold on Texas in the respect which the new settlers have for their oaths to support the constitution of their adopted country, than any hold which a military force could give them— I wish you to write when the long expected army of Texas is to be on, and its number etc— I now believe that the Federal constitution will fall and that the Govt will assume an arristocratical or monarchical form— I know not what will be the ultimate fate of Texas— I am myself opposed to a union with the U. S. unless we first receive some guarantees, amongst them I should insist on the perpetual exclusion of slavery from this country write me how you are getting on, whether you can visit Texas— Are you friendly with Teran— he and myself are on the very best of terms— he has committed a capital error in advising the present measures against Texas, for the fact is he is the author of them although he has no idea that I am apprised of that fact— I have always known it— The most perfect peace and harmony reigns all over Texas and will no doubt so continue— The timorous will hesitate about immigrating here, but all who are fully informed on the subject will not,—for the fact is there is nothing to fear, neither will any embarrissments be interposed to stop emigration to my colony— I have letters of late date from Arch and John P Austin all well

S. F. Austin.