Thomas F McKinney to Stephen F Austin, 06-24-1830

Summary: Asks for information of political affairs. Fears that arrest of Padilla will prove to be a great injury to his section.

Nacogdoches June 24th 1830

Dr Sir

I wrote you by yesterdays mail though in the greatest haste and having the present oportunity of immediate conveyance I again request that you give me whatever information you may be in possession of as to the business of this section what will be the result as to buisness already commenced, I am fearful we have lost in Padilla more than we will easily regain or perhaps more that we will at all who is the comisioner destined for this place and what do you think of his appointment viz do you think he will suit us.

From what I have heard of your health I think you-would perhaps not do amiss to come and spend the sickly season with us on the Ayish byou we will move in two or three days to that section and would be sincerly glad If you could come and remain with us until the season Changes I shall then take a tour through the country and go to the Brazos I am desirous of seeing Mr. Fisher and getting some information necessary for commencing the coasting trade in the spring or sooner If practicable your letters directed to this place will be received without delay should I not be here.

Thomas F. McKinney [Rubric]

NB You mentioned somthing when I saw you last of the Chief of Department having said to you somthing of the subject of receiving the appointment of Xefe de Partido of this part of the Country I hope the plan has not been abandoned I am sure you could render invaluable services to this country You have some enimies from envious principles but the large majority would be gratified with an arrangement of that kind As soon as I arrived from the Brazos I wrote a single letter to each of the districts recommending to them to petition to you to come on with the Commissioner and to subscribe to you for doing so subscriptions could not be circulated before news arrived of the Comisioner leaving St Philepe though considerably above a thousand Dollars were subscribed and three times the amt would have been subscribed but on hearing he had left St Philipe the matter was droped respt

McKinney [Rubric]