Stephen F Austin to James F Perry, 07-04-1830

Summary: Assuring him that Texas affairs are clearing up.

Austin July 4. 1830

Dr Brother

I embrace an opportunity to say to you that all the difficulties which appeared to be brewing when you were here have passed away, and everything is going on well, and emigration to my colony will not be stoped— I have given you this information least what you see in the U. S. papers should cause you to forget what I told you, which was to have faith in me, and to pay no attention to any thing you saw or heard that did not come from me— I know more about these matters than the news papers and every thing has happend exactly as I told you it would, when you left here.

The custom house at Galveston is suspended by order of Govt. and the reason given is that the exemptions from duties in favor of the colonist of Texas has rendered it unnecessary to establish any custom houses here for the present— All goes on well, very well,— Take care tho and bring no Tobacco, except a little of choise quality to chew for the use of the colonists, and try and get in by the 1 of December

S. F. Austin [Rubric]

I have sent a copy of the above to price and Morgan Phia I have engaged the building of a house in this place for you to winter in and a store room etc— bring all manner of peach seeds and a barrel of them—Sam Browne is well and more and more pleased with the country the more he sees—- remember me to the children

A [Rubric]

[Addressed:] Mrs. Emily M. Perry Potosi Missouri