Stephen F Austin to Emily Perry, 05-xx-1825

Summary: New contract to settle 500 families. Authority to sue for Missouri and Arkansas property.

[May —, 1825.]

Dr Sister,

I have lately recd instructions from the Govt to attend to the Settlement of five hundred families more in this country and shall set about it immediately—this renders it impossible for me to think of visiting Missouri for some years to come and besides— it will be a long time before I can raise the means of going there as I wish—my labors in this country altho arduous and in every way perplexing will not yield me anything for some years and then not the fortune which some have supposed—I shall benefit others much more than myself in proportion— but thank heaven I am not avericious—

I wish you [to] ask the advice of Barton Ed Bates, John Scott, and other Lawyers relative to the mine a Burton property and make any bargain with them you think proper, except as to engaging Money—I can pay no money now or for several years to come—if they will undertake it for an interest of the property I am agreed to give up an interest— do as you please but delay no time—

Also take their advice relative to the Little Rock property and have suit commenced on that without delay, and give them an interest in that also— You are the proper person to attend to that business— and do not delay anytime— See what can be done immediately.—

Send on from the Lawyers the form of a power of attorney for brother and me to sign and instruction how it must be authenticated— it is a long distance to the seat of Govt to have it executed before the Govr and I am myself the highest civil authority, this side the seat of Govt there are justices of the peace here, called Alcaldes before whom it might be executed—

Brother started a few days ago to San Antonia and will be absent about six weeks— I have nothing new—The Season has been very wet so far—too much so—tho the crops are very good—Mr Green DeWitt I am told has obtained permission for the Settlement of 400 families from Missouri on a River in this Province called the Guadalupe about 70 miles west of this—it is a fine country, very well waterd and very healthy—he will be on shortly from the interior and I will write by him— in the meantime see the lawyers and set about the Mine a Burton property without delay and also the Little Rock business you need not wait for me— it will be four or five years at least before I shall have the means of going to Missouri

Remember me to Mr Perry and the children and write often to your

ever affectionate brother

S. F. Austin

Mrs E M. Perry