Humphrey Jackson to Unknown, Date Unknown

Summary: Humphrey Jackson's memorandum concerning the case of the Mary.

Memo, from H Jackson relative to Carrico when Nelson and Cartwright applied for a process J. went down to Hunters to see Carrico and Allen and try and compromise—Allen agreed that they were liable for the things lost but contended that they ought only to pay the Orleans price—and finally the parties went on board the Mary to receive as much property as would secure N. and C. leaving it for future determination at what price the lost property should be rated at but when they reached the mary C. and A. told them that if they got any thing it must be by law and refused to come to any settle- ment—afterwards they agreed to pay for the Goods at the Orleans price.—The Mary was aground on red fish bar when she was attached and was got off by the assistance of the Constable and guard and run on by Carrico in trying to bring her into the San Jacinto— the Alcalde demanded before tryal wheither they had any objection to any of the Jury and furnished them with a list, and stated that if they had any objection others would be summoned on the morning of the tryal they agreed that they were liable for the property lost but only differd as to the price, so that the only thing for the Jury to decide was the price of the property.