Martin F Maher to Stephen F Austin, 06-04-1825

Summary: Administration of estate of David J. Marple.

New OrleansJune 4th 1825

Stephen F. Austin Esqr.

Sir Being appointed Agent by the widow of the Late David J Marple (Deceased) to settle up his concerns in your Colloney, and my Business here, not permitting my leaveing Home this season, I have appointed Mr Mathew Adams my Atty to act for Mrs. Marple in my place, and forward by this Gentleman Mrs Marples Power of Atty to me, and mine to him, together with a letter from Mrs M to yourself, and sundry letters from Mr. Cummings and Mr. Tomblison to her, relative to her late Husbands Personal Effects, Mrs. Marple, as also myself, rely with Implicit confidence on your friendly aid and assistance in seeing that Justice is done hir and Three Orphan Children, in Leequidating, the Accts of her late Husband, with these Gentlemen—I have instructed Mr Adams to be soly guided by your instructions in all his movements with Mr Cummings and Tomblisons

The Widow is very desirous to have the Deed of the Lands Granted to her late Husband executed in doing of which her wish is to have it so that an Equal Share will be comeing to each of his three Children and that part allowed for herself separate—as her Object at present is to get more settlers on it for a term of years untill herself and Children Can move on to it—I have promised Mrs Marple to procure a number of settlers from Urope to go on to it next seoson—Which shall Be Complyed with as soon as the Deeds are Received, and I am Justafied in sending over for them; all of which I trust will be accomplished on the return of Mr Adams.

I would also wish to have a statement from yourself, the terms on which famileys wd Be admitted to settle on your lands—the articles of produce that can be raised there, the Laws that you are Governed by, if any Taxes are to be paid, what Mechanicks are most wanted, with any other Information you think proper to communicate as on sending for settlers for Mrs. Marples tract and the terms you admitt settlers on will Justify me in encouraging twenty or thirty additional Families to accompany them, I will do so And I have very little Doubt, if once the Ice is broke there will be a number of Families over every year. If on the receipt of Mrs. Marples Documents and your Information on the subject of New settlers are satisfactory, I calculate by next spring to accompany A number of New Settlers to yr Quarter and spend afew weeks there untill they get fairly under way—

I beg leave once more to call your attention to Mrs. Marples affairs as I assure you she is Left very destitute, and is wholly depending on her friends—which must be very distressing to a woman, who never new before her Husband left home what it was to want for any thing necessary to her comfort.

Hoping Shortly to hear from you and by that means, be instrumental in forwarding her agreeable News. I Remain Sir yrs. very Respectfully

Martin F Maher.