Thomas Hooper to Stephen F Austin, 06-04-1825

Summary: Land.

Alexandria June the 4th 1825

Dear sir

I am happy to have it in my power to write to you by a safe hand in which I acknowledg the recd of yours informing me that I could not get but one leage of land which was very contrary to my ex- spectations for I was very much lifted with you cuntry and had the most exspliscit confidence in your promis to me with respect to the two leages of land that I felt safe and if it had a been in my power to have went and have chose it you would have made no objections and sir pardon me when I insist on your complying with your promis I was on the virge of starting out with Mr L W groce but on the recept of your letter I declined coming untill I heard from you Dear sir I have this day made arangements with Mr Morgan for the part leage provided it meets your approbation he will let me have that place which I hope you will do me the favour to grant— and if you cant let me have but one leage I hope it will be that as but one leage above town would be no enducement to moove to your country but if you let me have that I will moove to it this winter that is I will have a crop made on it next year and moove in the spring or fall— and sir if you do me the favour requested write by the first opertunity and I will come out by the last of September bring on some hands to go to worke and pay you your money for the land and improvement sir I hope you will answer this by the [first] opertunity as I shall be very ansious to hear from you Dr Sexton wants that leage but Mr. Morgin has given him up the leag on the Bernard

Sir this from yours with patints

Thos Hooper

Colo Ostin