Stephen F Austin to Governor Rafael Gonzales, 06-04-1825

Summary: Describing boundaries of his colonies.

Executive Department

Free State of Coahuila and Texas

Herewith I remit signed by myself the articles of agreement proposed by Your Excellency, relative to the Colonization of three hundred families within the limits designated for this Colony already established. These boundaries were designated by His Honor, the Political Chief of Texas, when he was at this place, by the order dated 20th May 1824, the original of which I herewith hand to Your Excellency. His Honor the said Political Chief subsequently made an official communication to me under date of 21st September 1824, relative to colonizing on the River San Jacinto a copy of which I herewith remit, in order that with these documents present and keeping in view the grants made to the other Empresarios Your Excellency may determine the exact boundaries of the respective settlements, to prevent all doubts as respects the respective boundaries. The Chocolate Creek spoken of in the order of the Political Chief is situated between the Rivers Brazos and San Jacinto.

God and Liberty,

San Felipe de Austin 4th June 1825.

To His Excellency Rafael Gonzalez Governor of the State of Coahuila and Texas.

A. Copy, Signed, Padilla.