Cartwright to Stephen F Austin, 06-05-1825

Summary: The case of the schooner Mary. Commerce.

HarrisBurgh June 5-1825

Col Steven F. Austin

Dear Sir I am informed that Capt Carrico has taken a part of a bail of Domestick from on board of the Schooner wrapt in his Bed and a part of it in his trunk Say about 300 yds also has taken the long Boat on shore and top Sail which was all under execution I am informd the guard dont know of the domestick being gone and before the trial they Sent off 5 barrels of flower and one of whiskey this will show to you that they are making way with their property to avoid the payment of their just debts and I wish to decide as quick as possible and if you confirm the judgment I wish you to order the Captains to be brought forward under execution and hired out to pay the balance of the debt and cost of them should there be a Balance as I find that to be the law I find it impossible to get a guard to doo their duty as they dont [like?]it they wont do as they are directed we are all kept here litterally speaking in a State of starvation without Bread and waiting to get our rights, I came to cultivate the Soil and the Season is fast expiring that we can be benefited by it,—this will be handed you by a coloured man which was Steward on board of the Schooner and you can ask him about what I have stated.

Jesse H. Cartwright [Rubric]

P S there is one Barrel of flower on board and we intend to make use of it—

Please to send me an answer by the first opportunity and oblige yours