Philip T Dimmitt to Stephen F Austin, 06-19-1825

Summary: Commerce.

Sant. Antonia 19 June 1825

My Particular Friend

Sir I Take this oppertunity of writing you etc. we have no news of Importance on Yesterday arived The Solders and many Strangers Mr. Westall informed me he expected you and Mr Williams, The Gudge and many of your friends have maid particular Inquire of you sir

I am once More Engaged in Busness and have Some hopes of Suckseading in My wishes and expectations. I am at this Time wating for my brothers every Day sir

I hope to see you in a short Time in This Place and sir you May be assured nothing would Give me more Pleasure

I am Desirous in having the news of The Settlement etc etc

My Best wishes to Mr. Williams and your Brother [cousin] John Austin

P. T. Dimmiit

Mr. Dewitt

Sir if there is any Goods to be purchased in your settlement let us know and oblige

Westall & Co.

[Addressed:] Colo S. F. Austin en los Brassos The Polightness Senos Americanos