Stephen F Austin to Mrs John Hall, 06-26-1825

Summary: Judicial procedure.

Major Isaac Thomas of Rapide has sent me a Memorandum to the following effect—

"Mrs Mary Hall exchanged with Archival P Williams a tract "of land on the Bayou Robert of two hundred arpents, one half " of which was the property of the heirs—I have a twelve month "bond against Mrs Hall for $700.—Now if the heirs will all go "before Judge Austin and relinquish all their claim to said two " hundred arpents of land in favor of Williams he will pay my bond " and discharge Mrs Hall therefrom—one of the heirs is a minor and " must [be] represented in the sale or relinquishment conformably " with the laws of Texas, after the title is there made it must be " sent to the Govr- to get his certificate that the act of Judge Austin " in receiving the conveyance is comformable to the laws of Texas "

(Signed) J. Thomas

The above is Thomas's memorandum, I presume you understand the nature of it and if you wish to have the business done, I shall be at Bells on the 5 of July at which time you can bring forward all the heirs

June 26. 1825

S. F. Austin [Rubric]

Mrs. John Hall