James Barnett to Stephen F Austin, 07-13-1825

Summary: Asking whether Mexican Government will repay advances which he made to Trespalacios in 1820.

Mentoco River 13 July 1825

Stephen F. Austin Esqr.

Will you do me the favor to write me and give me the infomation which I now ask of you— I see in the northern papers, that the Mexican Government has passed a Decree recognizing all the Public Debts of the country, and will pay them all, under whatever system they were Contracted. I presume you must have this intelligence on this your self. When Genl- Trespelassis took the command at Galveston and on the faith of his promises and for the welfare of mankind—I advanced the different officers and soldiers to the amount of about Eight hundred Dollars. I have the paper issued by the General for about four hundred Dollars. If you think this Law in the Mexican Congress imbraces all the expenditures which I am sure they do)—I will come out next spring and see you, and settle in your Colony.—

Will you please write me and direct your Letter to the care of William Taylor on Trinity, and and you will greatly oblige your friend and Hmble. Servt

James Barnett

I will take Land for the debt—on either the Brasis or the Colorado

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