Nathaniel Cox to Stephen F Austin, 07-20-1825

Summary: Concerning cotton trade between Texas and New Orleans.

New Orleans 20. July 1825

Dear Sir,

Mr. Carter arrived after a tedious passage of 35 days and delivered your favour of the 2 June— It will afford me much pleasure to be usefull to him or any of your friends, and settlers.

I have had much conversation with Mr Carter on the subject of your settlement, and the probable trade with New Orleans It will however require a vessel of larger dimensions than the sloop Robert to bring cotton I apprehend— Our laws dont authorise smaller vessels than 30 Tons to Introduce foureign Goods—

Your cotton can be entered here for Export and thereby save the duties—I send you some blanks which will be required in case of making shipment to this place— In case of no American Consul Two Merchants must sign the Certificate of Landing—

Nath: Cox

Col S. F. Austin Brassos