James Grant to Stephen F Austin, 07-24-1825

Summary: Trade with Mexico.

Reynosa 24th July 1825

Colnl Stephen F. Austin,

Dear Sir

I have been much longer detained in this Country than I had any Idea of when I started from your settlement, It was Six Weeks, before we reached Refugio, and have been longer in Settling my business than I had any Idea of. I then went up the Country and bought Some Wool to bring on to the Settlement but by high waters and loosing Mules and Horses, it is only the other day I was able to get my Cargos and Mules Collected in Camargo to start, but am again prevented by high waters all the Water Courses are up so that mules with Cargo cannot proceed and I am uncertain when I will be able to travel with my cargo there has been a great deal of Rain in this Country the Rio Grande is very high and likewise the Nueces; and as I am unable to proceed, I have concluded to go down to Refugio and purchase a few goods, to see if I can make up my lost time; I shall be with you as soon as it is practicable; as I have since I first saw the Country been determined to become a Settler; and have refused some good offers to make money, in consequence of making all my arrangements to go and settle with you; I hope Captn Jones has attended to my business and that all things are well my absence from the Colonies has not been my fault; which I know you are sensible of— If Captn Jones has not been able to pay you the balance; I will settle with you to your satisfaction.

James Grant.