Morgan A Heard to Stephen F Austin, 08-14-1825

Summary: Introducing Robert Gillespie of Alabama.

Franklin County Alabama Aug. 14. 1825

Dear Colo

In a few weeks my friend Mr Robt Gillespie will set out on a journey to your State, he has been much pleased with the description he has received of Texas; and if his opinion on a view of it concurs with those who have described the Country to him he will be induced to locate himself in Texas. He will explore the country, and particularly your Grant; He is a Gentlemen who possesses an extensive knowledge of Mechanicks, there is scarcely any species of Machinery but what he is well acquainted with, I have been ac- quainted with Mr. Gillespie for ten or twelve years past, He is gentlemen of excellent sense and strict integrity, and in evry respect will be a most useful and valuable member of our Country; I recommend him to your polite Attention and trust you will afford him every information respecting the character of the Country, its Constitution and Laws. I know, of no man who can be more extensively useful in Texas than he could be therefore you must fit him with a league of land rich in soil well timbered, with a stream on which, all kind of water works, may be erected. I have progressed this far on my way to Kentucky, after I left you I purchased a good many mules on the edge of Louisiana; and have been detained in selling them out, I shall certainly be with you by the last of October, present my respects to Mrs Gross Mrs Long and your brother

Morgan A Heard

Lt. Colo Stephen F Austin