Alexander Calvit to Stephen F Austin, 08-16-1825

Summary: Concerning land.

Neich Texas August, 16. 1825

Colo Stephen F. Austin

Dr. Sir: Permit me to ask the favor of you if Consistant with the nature of your Business to hoald in reserve for my Brother and my Self that League of Land made Choice of on the St. Bernardo by Mr. James Brown from Alexandria the Mr. Cumins hoalds Prara Lands Immediately opposite As I have only obtained the one half of what I am Intitled to you will do me a particular favor if it is not already marked out for Some other person to place my name on the map so as to cover it the payment of which we calculate on makeing from the soil in Cotton the Insuing season

Alexn Calvitt [Rubric]

Colo S. F. Austin

N. B. please to inform me if I am successfull or not