J B Bailey to Stephen F Austin, 08-23-1825

Summary: Commerce. Concerning contract with a Spaniard.

Ausgust 23.1825.


You stated to me in a note [August 17] that the Spaniard who owed me two horses had deposited his goods in your house and they should not be allowd. to be carried away until I was paid— but that was not the contract with him and myself—for he was not to remove his goods from my house until I was paid and I was to be paid some time ago and his contract calls for two Good Young Gentle Horses under Six Years old delivered In my Yard—and I dont wish to be running all over the country to collect a debt when It calls to be paid at home and As his contract was not to remove his goods until I was paid I have let him carry off all but one bail of Irish linen containing 22 pieces—which can be easily packd on A horse when he pays me the two he owes me—and all I want is my contract

J. B. Bailey

Col S F Austin