John R. Harris to Stephen F. Austin, 09-15-1825

Summary: Concerning boats which Austin desires.

15 Sept 1825.

Col Austin

Dear Sir According to your request I have made every inquiry in regard to the Boats. One of the Boats that I calculated for the Trip I found on Examination was worm Eaten I employed Bloodgood to put new planks on her Bottom but after all some of her timbers was found to be decad consequently I got Col Knight to go to Trinity after a N Boat that was new last Spring, and also to call on Wilson on San Jacinto who has a good Boat but will want some repairs. Mr. Scott has a boat that will answer the purpose, he says that he cannot let her go. Since I recd your letter the Sloop Mexican came to this place and I have purchased her. you mentioned that you wanted to get a Sloop or Schooner of Light draft of water. She when loaded will draw 3 feet 3 inches and a first Rate Sailer. I will furnish a good master and Crew provisions etc etc for one Hundred and Thirty five Dollars pr month, and be at the expense of keeping every thing in good repair. I expect Knight in a few days from Trinity, and then I can let you know what Situation the Boats will be in. If you conclude to hire the Sloop Mexican, please to let me know by the first opportunity

Jno R Harris