William P. Perkins to Stephen F. Austin, 09-27-1825

Summary: Asks concerning method of holding his claims

Woodville 27th Sept. 1825

Dr Sir,

I have now made my arrangements to send two or three hands to your country some time in the winter, to make a Crop next year, but I find it impracticable for me to move my family and hands for several years, therefore I write this particularly to know from you, if I am there myself and make a Crop, will it be sufficient to hold my land, with the title I already have. I am anxious you would write to me by the first of November on this subject—if you think this will not answer I will probably decline the undertaking.

Wm. P. Perkins.

Give my respects to Coln Pettisand Mr. Williams.

[Addressed:] Coln Stephen F. Austin, Texas Doctr Kennady.