Humphrey Jackson to Stephen F. Austin, 09-30-1825

Summary: Concerning judicial business as alcalde. Case of the Schooner Mary.

[About September 30, 1825.]

Dr. Sir

I Received yours of the 29th of August Imediately went [and] Valued the Estate of Moris Callaham Decd which Amounted to $254.50 John K. Harris Ezekiel Thomas and Wilm Vince apprisers. the Land I did not know what to do with so let it alone E Thomis swore Nicholas Callaham was the Brother of Morris Callaham Decd I Gave N Callaham up the property he giving Wilm Vince and E Thomis security for the payment of the Debts and getting a power of Atturny from his father to Administer to the Estate N Callaham applide for time to settle the Estate as he had to return to his Country to Settle his Business I gave him Ten Months he promised he would pay all the Debts he could before he went— I would have loocked into this Business sooner but being informed that there was but little due by the Estate and that Moris Callahan Relation was expected here soone I thought it best to wait to he cairn—I Requested of John R Harris to let me know if the estate was a waisting as he lived close by I thought in such cases it was best to wait a short time as persons might settle their own Business—you mentioned in your letter having wrote to me Respecting Boats which I have not Received but Capt Harris told me he had received one from you Directed to Capt Harris Capn Scott and T respecting them— there is no boats on this River that would answer except one that Mr Scott has if hir timbers is sound Hir old planck in intirely worm eaten but if hir timbers is sound Hir old plancked over with good timbers I am not acquainted as I neaver examed them. Andres Roach has a boat I think would answer and I am told there is a nother on the Trinity I would have went to see them but Capt Harris told me he was going there to see them and would let you know if they could be purchased and for what amount— Horner and Dickeson Estate I will pay every attention to that my office requires—There has been a complaint for debt against a Man that has left this District and has left some property here and is not expected back for some time. I wish for your oppinion in such cases Thomis Earie is charged with tacking Roaps and blocks from on board of the Schooner Marry in Galveston bay I bound him over to Trial on the 10th of Septr He Acknowledged having tacking them he being in Distress he said he intended to pay Mr. Knight one of the owners for them, as soon as it is tried I will send you the hole of the Records of the case to you for final Judgement— I would have sent you the proceding before now if the distance was not as grait and not being wiling to ad to the Expence already accrued however I might have sent you the Procedings from Buflow River the other day had I any paper with me at the time I gave notice to T Earle he had a right to taick the proceding in writing and send them to you which he declined—Robert Cartwright who acted as Constable in the Case of Jesse H. Cartwright and Jessy Nelson versus Master and Owners of the Schooner Marry has not Returned the Execution nor the procedings there on though I requested him so to do he has Removed ought of this District to your Neighborhood I wish for them as my time of service is all most expired so that all the procedings in the case might be put in order to deliver to my successor in office

I feel anxious for my time of service to expire I am complaitly tired of the office for the futur I wish to be no other than a good Citizen—there is some other complaints of petty theft all respecting the Schooner Marry and them that cairn in hir which I rather thinck it would be right to squash if posible the Marry and them that cairn in hir has gaving the Country grait deal of trouble for my part I hait to hear hir name mentioned I wrote to you some time since which I suppose you have not Recd it was respecting a Note that Andrew Roach sent for Collection on Wm Scott the note was for the payment of a Schooner it called for 200 Dollars if no lawfull owner appeared for said Schooner by march last I then wished for your instructions in the Case Mr. Scott has since paid the note as I am informed—Inclosed you have the Sensus of the District


[Addressed:] Cor. S. F. Austin Principal Judge of Austin Colony