Emily M. Perry to Stephen F. Austin, 10-12-1825

Summary: Concerning settlement of the old business of Austin & Bryan in Arkansas.

Mine a Burton, October 12th 1825

I wrote My Dear Brother by the last weeks Mail, and now imbrace the opportunity of sending you a small Packit by Mr Ray which I hope you will receive in safety as I have sent on a number of letters belonging to you and Brown, which I thought would afford you some pleasure, to peruse once more:—

Since I wrote to you I have seen Mr Carr and I had a conversation with him relative to the Little Rock business, he is very much dissatisfyed with the conduct of C. Ashley Esqr when that gentlemen was up last Fall Mr Carr, with difficulty got him to give him a statement of what he had done with the property, it seems that he has got everything into possession, and has sold property to the amount of 3 or 4000 Dollars; he made one Sail to William Russel for eighteen hundred Dollars, and still continues to sell, as fast as he can, I think if their was any-one that would push, or make an attempt to investigate the business, that Ashley would compromise, rather than have himself exposed to the world; it is impossible for Mr Perry to do any thing, situated as he is at present; and I think My Dear Stephen if you were to write to some of your Friends at the Little Rock, and try to make them interested in some way, that, their might yet be something more recovered for the Children— at any rate I can do nothing and I am very much afraid that Ashley will be the only one benefitted by that property; I have nothing to write, but what Mr. Ray can inform you, as to the news of the times etc he can give you an account of all the Children as I showed them all to him; and I have also sent you a lock of each of their hair and some of Mine, all of which I think will be acceptable to you; for I know that any thing from you, is very highly praised by me; do write by every opportunity, I have not had a letter for some time, from Brown, he is a very Lazy Fellow to write; but perhaps my anxiety makes me unreasonable, I think if you were to give Mr. Perry the least encouragement he would go on and visit you; for he is much dissatisfied with this Country, and some times taulks of going to the Arkansas; my only desire is to be settled by my Brothers, if that was once accomplished I should be happy—

I read to Miss Hord the clause in your letter, she laughed and requested me to inform you that it was not customary for Laydes to go in search of Husbands and that she expected if some of those Bachelors that you spoke of, was to visit a Burton; that she had no doubt but what they could find wives,—- I should be much pleased to hear that Brown was Married he promised me that as soon as he Married that he would pay me a visit— Cousin Adeline Lewis has a Daughter, and Miss Eliza Elliott is to be Married to Mr. Woodruf, living at the Little Rock, where Miss Elliott now is— I have sent you a packit. . . .

[Emily M. Perry.]