N. Rightor to Stephen F. Austin, 10-20-1825

Summary: Inquires about Texas. Conditions in Arkansas.

Near Little Rock Arkansas Territory Oct. 20th. 1825.

Dr. Sir (friend and fellow Traveler)—

I this evening meet with a stranger who tells me he is gowing to your Country and will be shure to see you, wherefore I imbrace the opportunity of writing to you, after so long a silence on my part as well as on your own, but with how much pleasure would I have received, and answered a Letter from you. I have been ever since I returned to the United States surveying for the Government, and have just now finished a learge Dist of surveying in Crittendens perchase (or Guawpaw Country) and will shortly be on my way to St. Louis with my returns. I live at Helena County of Phillips A. T. (where I have a wife and Two fine Boys) And on my return I would be over rejoiced to receive a letter from you. Do write an inform me of the particular situation of your Colony—the production of the soil (from your observation) the prospects of improvement—Condition of the government etc. etc—You know what I wish to learn independent of my statements.

I still have a strong desire to emegrate to the Country, and upon your statements (if you will condesend to write) it depends. I am doing very well here, but notwithstanding I would rather be there.

N. Rightor

[Addressed:] Stephen F Austin EsqrProvince of Texas Government of Mexico Politeness of a Stranger