Stephen F. Austin to Emily M. Perry, 10-22-1825

Summary: Crop conditions. Business in Arkansas. Biographical.

San Felipe Oct. 22 1825.

Dr Sister

I am happy to hear by your letter to Brother that you have a fine son, and thank you and Mr. Perry for giving him the name of Stephen after me You are likely to prove the truth of the old fortune teller who told you in Philadelphia that you was to have nine children. A new country would suit such a family, tho I can not take it uppon myself to advise you to move to this—Mr Perry must come when he has leisure and look for himself—we have had rather a bad year owing to wet weather but our crops are very abundant corn I think will not be over one Dollar in cash pr bushel, except in a few particular places—the Sickness has not been as bad as it is through the southern country generally

I am about making arrangements to settle brother a farm down the Brasos he has not much to begin with, but industry will push him ahead—I hope to see him married before another year—as for myself—it is very uncertain when I shall settle myself in that way— if ever I am too much in debt and my affairs too unsettled as yet—

I wrote you respecting the Mine a Burton and Little Rock business a short time ago—Brother and myself will give any Power of Attorney that may be required except to authorise the promise of money I will not in any shape promise one cent of money on no account whatever and unless there is a special provision in the Power of Attorney that we are not to be in any way responsible for costs or fees or money to pay the Bank or for any thing else I will not sign it—I am willing to give any share—the half—or any other share you think proper but those who undertake the business must be at all the expence and trouble for I cannot leave here to visit Missouri

I do not by any means advise you to Employ R. C. Oden to attend to the Little Rock business—he is very dissipated as I am told— R. Crittenden will be the best one, or perhaps there may be some new Lawyers that I know nothing of-—you and Mr. Perry must manage the whole affair as you think best. I will approve of all you do except promising money—that I will not—

This Colony progresses steadily in improvement—-tho not so rapidly as it would had the last season been more favourable It requires much time to start a new Colony in a wilderness, as this was I shall close all my affairs in the course of next year I hope, and then if I keep my senses I will never again have any thing to do with public business—if I marry I shall settle down as a farmer near the mouth of this river—if I do not, I shall likely ramble a good deal and leave Brother to keep up the name and family

Remember me to all friends and do not let the children forget their uncle when my little namesake is old enough I hope to have it in my power to do something for him, I should also like to have Austin with me—that is if I ever get finally settled and in a situation to benefit him—we are all very healthy at this time and nothing new of any consequence

S. F. Austin.

[Addressed:] Mrs Emily M. Perry Potosi Washington County Missouri