Aylett C. Buckner to Stephen F. Austin, 11-02-1825

Summary: Concerning land disputes, and empresario's difficulties.

Lower Settlement Brazos 2nd Nv. 1825

Dr Sir,

About one month ago Powel started for the Rio Grande before he started he requested me to write to you respecting his getting land and to ascertain from you if there was a possibility of doing so whether you intended letting him have land or not and where I saw a letter you wrote him sum time since saying, as well as I recollect that if he would recall sum expression or perhaps sum letter he had written you that you would give him an answer on the subject of land business I believe I have seen all he has ever written you and I do not recollect wherein he has written anything to you but what he was justifyable in And as for his recalling that which he ought not to do I do not consider it a fair request and my advice to him would be not to recall any thing he has written or said unless he has written or said that which he ought not to have done for it [is] too tough for a man to do that which does not accord with his conscience

Jno. McClines requested men to write to you on the same business and wishes land in the B. Prara if the land which was intended for sarver can be given them I presume they would be satisfyed

Ay. C. Buckner

[Addressed:] ColĀ° S. F. Austin