Emily M. Perry to Stephen F. Austin, 12-18-1825

Summary: Biographical.

Mine A Burton December 18th 1825

My Dear Brothers

A considerable length of time has elaps'd since we have received any letters from you. What can be the cause of this long silence, the last letter which I received was from you my Dear James dated August 17th from Groces Retreat writen shortly after your return from the interior. I received it in a month after it was writen; it was short but still it gave me a great deal of pleasure to hear that you were well, and still thought of your Sister and her Children. I have writen Several letter[s] lately boath by Mail, and privet conveyance; informing you, of the untimely death of your Old acquantence William M. Perry, who was shot by William Hill, who absconded immediately; I sent you a hand bill also a large Packet of letters, by Esqr Andrews, who I expect you will see before this letter comes to hand; their are a number of Families moving to your Colloney from this State, Old Dr Thompson, and his Son Burrell have started, and a hopefull gang they are; but you know their carrector thierfor, you will know how to deal with them— Old Mr Alley and his Son, will start in a few days, and a number more taulk of going.

I must now commence and give you a catalogue, of news; I shall first comenc[e] and inform you of those friend and acquintences that have left this troublesome world, and I hope have found a better our old Friend Mrs Nancy Bates is no more; Mrs Horrace Austin is also gone, died raven distracted, Mrs Eitchards did not survive her Daughter but a short time, Mary Honey has all her Brothers and Sisters; except William and Charles,—Adeline Lewis has a Daughter, also Maria WoodsonJohn Dennisson is to be Married in a short time to Miss Maria Vensant, a Dutch Beauty— of Fifteen— Miss Isabella McIlvain was Married on Thursday last to Mr John McGradey, and your Old Friend Dr McGradey has also taken a Wife to himself; a Mrs Covington, Sister to Mrs Fletcher; Esqr Brickey is also Married, to a widdowMiss Isabella Hord was not pleased at the Doctors Marring and the poor old Man could not muster courage to take the News to her, but had to send a Friend to inform her of it,—etc. etc.—

January 8th 1826

after letting my letter lay for some time I have once more taken pen to close this Scrawl and answer my Dear Brothers letters of October, and November, I am much greaved to learn by Brown's letter that My Dear Stephen, had been so ill, O! that I could have taken wings and of Flown to your Sick bed; but Alas I am apprehensive that it is our lot to be separated the remainder of our lives, I shall be extreamly happy to hear that one or boath of you were Married, you must lead a very disagreeable life the way that you live, I do not like to hear you say Stephen that you can not visit Missouri, I think if you were to come on, that you might find some Ladey that would please you, Your Old Favourite Miss Courtney Baylor is now a Widdow, living in New Orleans—but if My Dear Brother, would only, make a visit to this State I am sure that he could meat with a Ladey that would be willing to go with you to Texas— I often very often think of you and think of how much you must of suffered in that wilderness It appears that our Family were destined to be immured in, and settling of New-Countrys, I forgot to mention in my former letters that Capt. Henry Austin had Moved to South America, some time since, but what part I never could ascertain;— I thank you My Dear Brown for your advice respecting my Sons, and be assured that they shall be rais'd men of buisness, if it is possible and from present appearances I have every thing to incourage me Austin posseses so much of his Mothers temper and Grand Fathers Temper that I find him much harder to manage than the rest, but when he coms to go through the same School, I have he will be pretty well humbled, he is a smart Lad and if propperly managed will make a man of buisness,— I wish you to write me a full account of your new settlement; how you progress, the situation, how far from Brother in short every thing relative to the improvement of the establishments, and of the Coloney generally is interesting to us— I never should be at a loss, if their for a subject to write on—for we get very little correct information respecting that Country; has or do any vessels ever touch, at the mouth of the Brasses etc. etc.—

Their has been a valuable Le[a]d Mines discover'd with-in ten miles of Herculaneum, on Sandy, the Land belongs to Honey and Bates, they are acquiring welth very fast— I was much grattifyed not long since to see in a work of Schoolcraft, a Biographical sketch of our Dear Father, he speaks of every member of the Family, and of Fathers early visit to this Country; I intend to purchase the work, as soon as I can and send it to you—by the first opportunity— I must close this long Scrawl; Mr. Perry joins me in good wishes for your health and Proesperity; and believe me Dear Brothers always your truly attached Sister and Friend

E. M. P.

The children are all well, your name sake is a most lovely Child. Adieu

[Addressed:] Stephen, F, Austin Esqr San Felipe de Austin Rio Brazos Provence of Texas. Care of Jared Cable Natchitoches