H. Johnson to Stephen F. Austin, 12-29-1825

Summary: Concerning depredations in Louisiana of banditti on the Sabine who steal horses and slaves and take refuge in Texas.

New Orleans, 29th December 1825


As Chief Magistrate of this State, I take the liberty to address you upon a subject of Deep interest to many of our Citizens. It has been represented to me from a source that may be relied on, that a number of slaves and horses of the inhabitants residing near the Sabine, in the Western section of the State, have been stolen and carried into the Province of Texas, by a lawless banditti associated for the purpose; and that many Dishonest Debtors, who fly from justice here, taking with them in some instances, property mortgaged for the payment of their Debts, take refuge in the said Province. Indeed, I am informed that property mortgaged here for a large amount has been thus carried off.

Relying upon your high character, the people feel assured that you will cheerfully do all in your power to prevent the recurrence of the evils complained of. I should feel much gratified, Sir, to learn for the information of those interested, what steps should be adopted, best calculated to put a stop to such outrages, and for the recovery of the Debts alluded to.

Connected as your settlement is with this State, it is important to both, that harmony should prevail, and that a friendly intercourse should be carried between them. So far as may depend upon the exercise of my authority, the object shall be effected.

H. Johnson [Governor of Louisana.]

Col. Stephen A. [sic] Austin