Stephen F. Austin to Moses Morrison, et al., 01-04-1826

Summary: Appointment and instructions as election judges.

To Moses Morrison Wm Kincheloe and Ay C. Buckner

You are hereby appointed judges of the election for Alcalde for the district of Mina to be held at the house of Capt Amos Bawls, on Saturday the 14th instant agreeably to Notice issued by me, you will keep duplicate Poll Books of said election to be signed by each one of you, one of said Poll Books you will deliver to the new Alcalde elected which will serve as his authority to act. The other Poll Book you will send to me— You will also administer the oath to the new Alcalde to support the Mexican Constitution and that of the State of Coahuila and Texas and faithfully to discharge the duties of Alcalde of the district of Mina for the year 1826 and thereafter until another is elected and qualified— A certificate that you had administered said oath must be put at the foot of each poll Book and signed by the judges you will also deliver this official order to the new Alcalde to be filed in his office as a public document.

Sn felipe de Austin 4th Jany 1826

Stephen F. Austin

Political Chief of this Colony