John P Coles to Stephen F. Austin, 01-07-1826

Summary: Concerning a guardianship. Indian relations.

7th January 1826

Dear Sir: I recd yours on the subject of whitesides—children feelings of Humanity was the only thing which Induced me first to become their Guardian and those feeling still Exist but why should I Involve myself in a life time difficulty for those whom from acquaintance nor no other causes have any claims on me as for the children I pitty them their uncle is not nor never will be capable of dooing anything for them. But this is not my business he is their Relation and I am not. therefore I am willing that you should appoint him I will give him the children when ever he calls for them My obligation as Guardian I shall Expect Returned to me etc—

We burried our little daughter yesterday she died suddenly I move to Bravo next week you Inclosed an order from Joshua Parker to a Mr. Bell, for 2 Horses in one of your letters without saying any thing about It. I know nothing about it. what is the meaning of it or what doo you want done with the order

You say that the Goverment is displeased that you did not go to war with the Wacos and Coumanches I am sorry to hear this but sir we have better be driven out of the country by the Goverment than by the Indians there is no one in the country that is more disposed to defend the country than I am But as we are at peace with those Indians we must remain so and even put up with some abuse from them until we are able to fight them If we get into difficulty with those Indians the Goverment is not able to assist us and we are unable off ourselves to contend with them and my oppinion is that the only policy for us is to let those Indians alone say nothing to them and If the Goverment will force us into a war with them we must make the best of It. I am allways Ready to act my part, in peace or war

Jno P. Coles [Rubric]

Benjamin Edwards was very angry a few days previous to his leaving here with you and I am convinced he was Rong and I believe I satisfied him that he was Rong for the want of paper I do not Relate the particulars but we will speak of It when I see you