Bartlett Sims to Stephen F. Austin, 01-14-1826

Summary: Wishing to borrow a compass. Colonization.

Bravo January 14th 1826

Col Austin

Dear Sir Mr. Cox one of the companyof the upper colony wishes me to Doo Som surveying for him and others and I Have no other chance of gitting a compass Except from you allso considerably for coln coals[Coln Coles] if you can accommodate me with one you will confur a favor on yours and please Send it By Mr. Milacan if you have none Be so good as to Try to pocure one for me a short time as I can com pleat the work in 3 or 4 weaks at farthest

your at ten tion to this will con fur a favor on yours &c

Bartlett Sims [Rubric]

thar is 5 or Six familys up in this part of the countray wishin to Settle in your Colony and ar making thar Selections up near the Road on thoas creeks that form the yea way [Yegua ]