John Castleman to Stephen F. Austin, 01-17-1826

Summary: Depredation of Wacoes.

Colorado January 17th 1826

Dear Sir I wish to inform you that in my absence the Waco Indians Came to my House and plundered and Carried off the following articals two sheets two Quilts and Wagon Cover and nearly all our wearing Clothing and Table Furniture, it appears from the Conduct of those Indians that we Cannot Settle the frontiers of this Colony unless we Can have an understanding with them, for if they are allowed to Rob and plunder it will be impossible to settle the frontiers of this Country for I am determined to kill the first one that undertakes to Rob me again, which will Commence a war. I have always wished peace if we Could have it on honourable terms. I do think peace Can be made with those Indians, but it is not my place to dictate for you—

John Castleman

[Addressed:] Colo. Stephen F- Austin Felipe de Austin