Stephen F. Austin to McCormick, 01-21-1826

Summary: Order for corn subscribed to pay salary of Deputy in Congress.

Mr McCormick will receive the corn from varner that he is to deliver on the Subscrption for the Deputy Singer informed me that he would deliver 35 bushels out of varners crib—that is 10 for himself, 10 for Johnson, and 15 that he exchanged for below—also Kenneday requested me to receive out of his crib 20 bushels for himself— 10 for Nelson—and 20 for Christman

I wish you to secure the corn in the cribs and leave it in the care of Wheat or the man who is to live at varners place.

Jany. 21—1826

S. F. Austin [Rubric]

[Addressed:] Mr. McCormick