R. R. Royall to Stephen F. Austin, 02-21-1826

Summary: Dangers of travel. Texan interest in Alabama, Tennessee, and Kentucky.

United States of America

Town of Tuscumbia and State of Alabama

21st February 1826

Col. Austin

Esteemed Sir At the solicitation of the friends of Mr Gillespie I write to enquire after the circumstances of his death. Mrs. Gillespie says Mr Gillespie left home with five hundred dollars and had made arrangements, whereby he was to receive as much more in Natches making the sum of one thousand dollars Some of his friends are of opinion that he received several hundred dollars on the way that his family knew nothing of. it appears however very certain that he aught to have had $1000. His fellow Traveller and confident (Capt. Lusk) writes from New Orleans in a very short and unexplanatory manner informing Mrs. Gillespie of her Husbands death stating he had died after some ten or fifteen days Illness at the Fort in your Colony (I suppose the Fort Settlement) that he Capt Lusk had sold Mr. Gillespie's horse to pay his Burial expenses that himself was then in New Orlean on his way to the State of Ohio. There is nothing in Capt Lusks letter to give us to understand what disposition was made of the money he (Mr Gillespie) had. There appears to be a mistery in the affair which makes it due to the family of Mr Gillespie and the character of Capt. Lusk that an enquiry should be made as such you would confer a favour on us by making such enquiries as would account for the disposition of the money he had with him whether disposed of in the purchase of Land or otherwise and give us as early information as may comport with your convenience.

Your Country is much spoken of here and much more in Tennessee and KentuckyJudge Ellis and some other gentlemen will be to see it this Spring The judge will make arrangements for my coming. I wrote you by Mr Gillespie consequently have but little to say here You will write me on every subject which might be of any importance as it is seldom we receive the Truth from Texas. I expect young Mr Hughs will have arrived before you receive this as he left here some time ago.

I have been told of a Proclamation of Mr Edwards requiring the holders of Old Grants Swithin the Limits of his ettlement to come forward I think probably one of my grants are within his district if so you have no doubt made it known.

offer my respects to Capt Gray and tell him when he writes me again to write more fully that I am never tired of receiving information from a country in which I feel so much interest. I have spoken for a pair of grey Hounds for your Brother which If I succeed in getting will Bring when I come. Believe me to be most sincerely your Obedient Humble Servt.

R. R. Royall

Hon. S. F. Austin

[Addressed:] Hon. Stephen F. Austin. Nachitoches. State of Louisiana The Post master at Nachitoches will forward this by the first safe hand to Austin's colony Department of Texas in the U. Mexican States