D. Crozer to James E. B. Austin, 02-09-1826

Summary: D. Crozer to James E. B. Austin.

Jessamine County Ky 9th Feb 1826

Mr. James E. B. Austin

Dr Sir I have not had the pleasure of a communication from you for about 2 years, nor have I written you during that time, but from no other cause but the impossibility of a safe conveyance—I have now an opportunity by Dr J. Fry which I gladly embrace—

In your last you recommended me to come to your Country which at that time I had an idea of doing, but afterwards got into business here that was tolerably good and for that reason, then declined it. I have not yet however, changed my determination, should the inducement be sufficient, for I am yet unmarried and ready to start to any Country that holds out a sufficient inducement, and shall wait with anxiety to hear from you on the subject—

A great many persons are now talking of removing to Texas and believe the number will increase, John M. Henderson lately started to New. Orleans, and it is his intention to go from there to your Brother's settlement, you know John, and it is needless for me to say he is deserving of your friendship, and his knowledge of the duties of a Clerk might possibly be of service to your Brother or at least to assure himself the means of a livelihood—

Times and men have changed in this Country more than you would imagine,—I know not how long it has been since you have heard from here, but presume it has been some time, under this presumption I now write, and shall give a summary detail of your old acquaintances, but if my presumption is erroneous, and you have lately heard from some of your friends here then the letter or that part of it that looks anterior to your previous information will be useless—I will however proceed,—Wm Walker is living in the lower part of this State he is keeping a Tavern on the road between this and Nashville, Georgian is yet unmarried, I have not seen any of the family for 3 years but am told she is handsome beyond comparison, Martha and Jane you have no doubt heard are both married, John C. Walker is living somewhere in Tennessee. George was some time since in Warrington Missippi, I know not where Andrew is, Kidder is teaching school I am informed near Russellville in this State. I have not seen him for near 2 years. Jacob was, not long since at Mobile, Alabama, and Joseph is living with Dr E. Warfield in his Store in Lexington—so much for the Walker family for which I presume you feel a deeper interest, than for any other in this County

Major R. Crockett is living in Nashville and some time since talked of going to your country, but believe he has not yet gone—It would be almost an endless task for me to pretend to give you a detail of the miner events that have transpired since you left us, such as marriages deaths &c suffice it that I am almost the only man you knew in the county but what has either married or gone off—Dr, J. Fry called upon me this morning for the letter to you which, with much pleasure I gave him, believing him to be entirely a gentleman and worthy of your confidence—

In that letter I added a Postscript, stating, that if a great press of business did not prevent, I would write you by him, which he politely promised to be the bearer of—he also, promised to bear a communication from you on his return which I hope you will send, as it would give me the greatest pleasure to hear from you,—

Wishing you health prosperity and happiness

D. Crozer [Rubric]