Littleberry Hawkins to Stephen F. Austin, 02-18-1826

Summary: Mrs. Hawkins has received offer for her interest in Austin's colony. Asks advice. Interest of Kentucky in the colony.

Lexington 18 February 1826

Stephen F Austin

Dr Sir George Ann has had an offer made for the Interest of our Brother in your Grant she is unwilling to do any thing without your advice the offer is made by one of the Most wealthy and Respectable me[n] in the State of Kentucky and 9 other Gentlemen of Louisiana all of which Could take into the Country a great Number of Respectable familys under that consideration the sale would be mutually to the Interest of all Parties Concerned please have the goodness to advice me what to do and what to ask for her Interest by the first Person that Comes into the United States If I could spend One hour with [you I] should be satisfied Your friend

L Hawkins

The situation of my sister her five helpless and my family of five more is glomy and desponding beyond description all that I had was lost in the Country, say if you have saved any thing from Dimit or any other resource