James E. B. Austin to Emily M. Perry, 02-28-1826

Summary: Biographical. Rapid immigration.

San Felipe de Austin Feby 28th 1826

My Dear Sister

I improve an opportunity which offers itself by a gentleman of sending this into the United States, and I hope you will receive it in due time.

A short time since I returned to this place; from which I have been absent two or three months on a place down on this river where I am opening a farm and building a Cotton Gin, I shall remain here no longer than the absence of Stephen compels me he is absent on a topographical tour to Galveston to exicute a comission given him by the Government. I expect him in one or two days

On my return to this place I found letters from you which gave me much pleasure and satisfaction. I hope you will not attribute my long silence to any thing but the remote distance and insolated state that I have been in for the last two or three months—Nothing would distress me more my Dr Emily than for me to imagine that you should entertain the smallest doubt that I had abated my affection for you in the least or that I did not take and feel the deepest interest for your happiness, What has this world to endear me to it but my Sister and her lovely family? altho debared the inexpressible pleasure and satisfaction of enjoying her society (and the sweet prattle of her little ones) I sincerely hope and flatter myself that the period is not far distant when we shall all be reunited, (if not under the same roof) so near that we can form a social circle and " far from the scenes of strife pass the innocent jest, and chaunt the merry glee"—then we can remind each other of "Auld Lang Syne " and congratulate ourselves that not withstanding the many visissitudes and difficulties we have encountered (and the great and heartfelt satisfaction afforded to the Enemies of our house by its downfall) we have proved to the world that regardless of them all—We have accomplished an enterprize that will perpetuate our name and place it with honor on the page of history It will then be our turn to triumph—shall we do so ? I can see a sentiment of just Resentment pervades your Breast—but I also see a generous principle a something so noble rising still above that—checking the first impulse of anger—and appealing to reason to treat the past with silent contempt—Our old Enemies will in a few years more dwindle into insignificance and would lick the dust from our shoes to gain a favor—It will then be a satisfaction a "heavenly satisfaction ["] for me to assist them—That is the revenge which will be sweet to me—

I was truly shocked to hear of the murder committed on the person of Wm M Perry I receivd the letter of Saml Perry to my brother informing him of the circumstance and containing an advertisement, you may assure him that every exertion in our power will be made to apprehend the Villian that he may receive the punishment he so justly merits.

We have nothing new the Colony wears a more flourishing aspect at this time than it ever has before, there is a prospect of an overflowing Emigration this spring and next fall of some of the most respectable men in the United States.

Mr. Andrews has arrived safe I have not seen him yet—his family is well and much pleased with the Country.

I wish you to inform Mr Perry that by a Mr Benjamin Milam (Brother of Milam at the Mines) who lately arrived from the city of Mexico—I learned that Dr Baldwin has accumulated a handsome fortune in that Country; he has purchased a coffee plantation on the River Guazicualco on the Pacific Ocean where he now [is?] and has gained the confidence and esteem of all who know him. Also Cousin Henry Austin lives in the city of Jalapa (between Mexico and Vera Cruz) engaged in the commission business—

Remember me to all my friends and acquaintances—write me often my Dr Sister—you must know that anything from the pen of my sister to me is interesting, kiss all the little ones for me, tell Joel and Austin their uncles are much pleased with their improvement in writing we shall soon Expect to secure a specimen of their writing in the form of a letter.

Remember me particularly to Mr. Perry This letter must be my excuse for not writing to him.

Jas E B Austin

[Addressed:] Mrs Emily M. Perry Potosi. Missouri

P. S. I am not married yet nor is there any likelihood at present.