John C. Walker to Stephen F. Austin, 03-15-1826

Summary: Inquiry concerning Texas.

Land Office Henderson County

state of Tennessee March 15th 1826.

Dr. Sir—From an acquaintance I have with your fathers family particularly Jas. Austin who lived with me in my fathers family, in the state Of Kentucky while he was at school I take the liberty of addressing you a letter which I hope will be spedily answered there is about to be made up a company to emigrate to the province Of Texas I wish to make one of it but least I might not be satisfied with that Country, I wish you as I know you from Character to write me a letter concerning that Country as to the soil health waters etc and the particular terms upon which settlers go there upon, how much land a man of family would be entitled to, and also a sketch Of Your laws, and some of the most important clauses in your constitution, which might concern an american as well as your religiousrestrictions etc the distance from New Orleans, by water the distance from the Chickasaw Bluffs by land as near as you can guess— accompanied with your advise Of the importance of driving cattle hoggs etc. etc. whether your soil and climate is adapted to the culture of cotton, and whether groceries can be conveniently, and low, whether your lands are heavily Timbered Or barrony, the Rivers you would advise me On, etc. etc. etc If Jas Austin is with you Or in reach of you I should be verry glad, he could hear from me, and tell him to write to me etc

Jno. C Walker

[Addressed:] To His Excellency Stephen F. AustinGovernor of the province of Texas

Via of Nacatoches