Joseph W. Brown to Stephen F. Austin, 11-14-1826

Summary: Inquiries concerning constable's fees.

To Col. Stephen F. Austin

Respected Sir The Alcaldas of this District have been pleased to confide to me the office of Constable and in making out bills of cost I have invariably charged (except in case of warrants where I was commanded to find the body and bring it forthwith) mileage from the office of the Alcalde to the place of residence of the person summoned whether I found him at home or elsewhere—this is complained of by some though I thought hardly any rule was more uniformly and universally established—As we are about to fall under your jurisdiction and such matters will sooner or later be refered to you I request that you will do me the favour to state to me whether I have misconceived the rule or not and if I have erred to state what the rule is—

Atascosito District Nov. 14th 1826

Joseph W. Brown

P. S. I know not who will be the bearer of this letter but if he returns to this District I pray you will send an answer to my request by him—

J. W. B.