Stephen F Austin to Elias R Wightman, 08-20-1830

Summary: Instructions for surveying,

San Felipe de Austin Augt 20. 1830

Mr E. R. Weightman

Mr Ira Ingram informs me that you understand from my instructions relative to laying off his tract, that it was to be east of the town tract, and that its northern boundary must be a due east line extended from the S. E. corner of Lesassier's league

You are aware that I can not say what degree of the compass the lines must run, or how many varas must be given on each line, so as not to injure other tracts, and give to each its proper shape etc, for this can only be ascertained by actual survey.

The general rule which has always been observed and which you must follow in this case, is to decide the local advantages of water, timber, etc as nearly equal betweeen all the tracts as the situation and circumstances will permit, and not to cross any leading or navigable creek or bayou, or inlet—also to leave no vacancies at all in any part of the Prairie, no matter where they may be—

In applying this rule to particular tracts you must of course exercise your own judgment and act under your own responsobility—

Ingram is to have a tract east, or eastwardly of the town tract— if the situation requires that only 2500 varas front on the bay be given to it and that it be run back behind the river leagues for quantity— so let it be run— if it requires that 4000 varas front be given—so let it be— if the back line must run N.E. or any other course—so let it be—

Mr Wilson is to have the next tract east, or eastwardly—or north eastwardly of Ingram fronting on the Bay

Mr. Veeder(?) wishes his quarter run so as to include all the branches of the creek, above Buckners labors If it will not injure, or interfere with any other tract, nor leave any vacancies, or irregular shaped tract, to run it in the way he wished it—you can so run it— but of this you must be the judge, for it is very evident that I cannot and ought not to fix positively how the lines must run, for I have not sufficient data to judge properly on the subject— you must exercise your own judgment, and act on your own responsability in the matter—

I made a mistake in saying that S. R. Fishers tract was on the west side of the Creek— his tract is on the east side next below Peytons— and Jaques on the West side— the creek at this place cannot be crossed—

I presume that Hoit will not interfere with Fisher's or any other tract, if he does he must give way— he is to get his league it is true—but he merits nothing—

S. F. Austin [Rubric]

N. B. do not forget my tract on Live oak or on the lake below the others which I spoke to you about

A [Rubric]

[Addressed::] Mr. E. R. Weightman Matagorda