Henry Austin to Stephen F Austin, 08-25-1830

Summary: Discussion of navigability of Brazos River.

Brasoria Augt 25- 1830

My dear Sir

I have at last reach'd this place with the steamboat and purpose ascending the river on Saturday next so far as the water will permit

It is believed here that I shall not get higher than Bolivar in the present state of the water—in which case I shall take horses and visit you at St Filipi.

I am much pleased with the country so far as I have seen it The river to this place is of much easier and safer navigation than the one I have left—but I doubt whether a steamboat can be supported on it unless it can be made navigable in the ordinary state of the waters as far as your town and a communication opened with a ship anchorage in Galveston bay

It is obviously important to the prosperity of the colony that these two objects should be attained promptly whether practicable or not can only be judged of on actual survey and then the means of accomplishing works of such magnitude may not be readily obtained— Still I think that if you concur with me in the opinion of the importance and advantages of the work a plan may be devised to carry it into effect— at all events I must come to a prompt decision as to the future disposition of the boat as the expense of her is too great to be supported in idleness

The last I heard of my application to the Govt, for a grant of land was that it had been sent to you for your signature and when returned the solicitation would be acceeded to

I hope it reached you and may be in due course—

I shall be with you in a few days—

Henry Austin [Rubric]