John C Walker to Stephen F Austin, 09-30-1830

Summary: Inquiring concerning conditions of settlement in Texas.

Clinton Loui Sept 30th 1830

Col Stephen F. Austin

Dr Sir This is the third letter I have had the honour of addressing you they were upon the subject of your cholony and [to] enquire after your brother James, who I lament to learn died in New Orleans last summer poore fellow his loss is seriously felt by me My fathers house was his home for a year or two, he was my bosom friend a youth who Our whole family was as brothers to him and he to them, I wrote to James two or 3 times My object was to get an account of your cholony, I have yet serious notions of joining to your cholony, I presume you have filled the stipulations of the contract made by your father with the Mexican nation and that you are prepaired to advise as to the policy Of a poore mans emigrating to your Country, I have every confidence in your candor either interested Or not interested I hope therefore you will as soon as this reaches you answer my letters; to this address (Clinton Louisiana) as to the law now in force whether the american people have the right to emigrate and the inducements for so doing whether donations Are made to emigrants Or not and how much land, and whether there is unappropriated lands near you or not—the Character of the Soil and Particularly the health, of the country about you, the most advisable way of getting there with a family, the price of provisions corn, meat etc whether goods wrould be advised to be carried on or whar would be best to carry etc. The distance by land from the U. S. line crossing at Nachatochese— By answering this letter you will confer a particular favour—. I have the honour to be

Jno C Walker [Rubric]

Col Stephen F. Austin

[Addressed:] Col. Stephen F. Austin St. Philippi de Austin Texas Care of Missrs. Harrison and Hopkins or Kincaid and Cockerill Natchitoches