H H League to Stephen F Austin, 10-10-1830

Summary: Asking Austin's assistance in disposing of land to meet debts.

Town of Austin Oct— 10th— 1830

Col Stephen F. Austin

Dear Sir, among the Evils that result to me from my Confinement, toy pecuniary affairs are by no means the least, I have not the power to prosecute my rights or to repel their invasion; I am Compelled to submit to whatever terms are offered me; and to neglect intirely the prossecution of Every effort or Exertion by which I could bring in my means to my releaf; in this state of affares my ruin is inevitable unless I can dispose of so much of my property as will pay off all demands against me be them Just or unjust, and Trust to Collecting my debts when I have an opportunity of attending to them, and when it will opperate less against me than at the presant time; I wish to dispose of such property as I can pest [best] spare, or such as is not indispensible to the support of my family; I wish to Sell property to the amount of Three thousand Dollars one half to be paid in Eighteen months and the Other half to be paid to the discharge of my debts as they may be Called for, Some of which is now due and all will be due shortly, for this object I would be willing to sell my League of land at Jennings Camp, my Eighth of a League in the Matagorda tract one forth of a League in John McFarlands Tract my League of land on Clear Creek, and my Town property in San Felipe or so much as shall be sufficient to raise the amount above mentioned the object of this communication is to propose a sale of the property to you; if you can purchase the property it will accommodate me Very much, it is true that were it not for the presant difficulties that seround me and over which I can have no Controll, I should never have thought of Selling my landed property, but some of my property has to go, and I can better part with that than any thing Else; and when I again Get my liberty if Ever I do I can Acq'uire Other lands, I am willing to Sell the property for a price that will warrant a Speculation to the purchaser; this arrangement will releave me; but unless I can succeed with you or Some Other person, I must be ruined in my personal property, and See my family come to want, thare was a verbal agreement between Joseph white and myself that he should have half of the Clear Creek League of land, I have always been ready on my part to Comply with the conditions spoken of between him and myself when Ever he had performed his promises, for it intirely depended on his own performances whether it should become an Established contract or not he has never Complied as I shall be Very able to prove, and his death renders a Compliance impossible, yet neither him nor his Estate has lost nor Can they loose one Cent by his failing to Comply, should I make a Deed to that or any Other lands to him it would be intirely a Donation, for by our last Settlement it will be seen that after Crediting him with the horse he let you have and all other accounts that he had against me, he was left my debtor to the amount of 70 or 80 Dollars this settlement was made at his own request and in the manner pointed out by himself, though he did not say at the time that he abandoned the land arrangement but rather that he intended to Comply if possible, he has not the least particle of interest in the land in any way which I shall be able to Establish to the satisfaction of the world—you will pleas to let me here from you as soon as possible as it is necessary that I should arrange my affares without delay

H. H. League