James F Perry to Stephen F Austin, 10-27-1830

Summary: Merchandise for Texas, Galveston Bay, & Texas Land Co. Books and magazines for Austin.

New York Oct—27th 1830

Dear Brother

I have been here five days waiting on my Goods shiped from Phila here to ship per Schooner Nelson they have at length arrived and I hope to be ready to start—homeward this afternoon. The Nelson is now owned by Messrs Wade and Sayer of this place and commanded by Capt. Fuller apparently a very clever man. The Nelson will sail on Friday or Saturday and is intended to run regularly between New Orleans and the Brazos. There is a number of passengers going in her among them is Mr. Wm T. Austin his Lady and child (he is a brother of John Austin of Brazoria) Col. Woodburry and two of his Sons is also expected. I have seen Archibald and John Austin, brothers of Captn Henry Austin since I arrived here they both are very much interested in your sucksess and are very clever men they have treated me with a great deal of kindness since I have been here. I have purchased between 4 & 5 thousand "Dollars worth of Goods in Phila and will have about 3thd to send from home which with some groceries from New Orleans will make a very good assortment enough I think to make a tryal on. Mr. Hunter will be in readiness to start as soon as I return from Missouri I will consigne our goods to McKinstrey and Austin at Brazoria, part of the articles you wrote for is packed among the goods viz Holsters Bridle Martingale Spurs and Boots and Vattel's Laws of Nations in English. I could not get it in Spanish neither in Phila nor in this place, the other Spanish Book you wrote for is not to be found I have made every inquiry I could both in Phila and here. Your other cloths was not finished when I left Phila the undress suit was partly finished but, the uniform could not be made for want of information how to make it Since I arrived here Mr. James Treat the Mexican Consul gave me a letter of introduction to Col [Mexia's] Ladey She shewed me her husbands uniform and with the assistance of the Messrs Austin, I have got a Taylor here to take a particular description of it and when I return to Phila I will have it made and forwarded together with the other coat vest Pantaloons Sword Sash appailetts and belt by the way of New Orleans.

I bought a poartable writing desk here for you had your name engraved on it and put in the charge of Mr. Wm Austin for you I have not procured the Book Case and Secretary for you my funds run out but will buy and bring you one from New Orleans— I saw Mr Learning in Phila. he has sent you some maps they will be put in the care of Mr W. Austin for you the law suit with Fox does not come to issue untill december and Mr. Learning says it is very probable that it may be 12 or 18 months before there is anything recovered from that quarter he was absent from the city most of the time I was there and had not the Geonogical account which you requested him to send you ready but he promised he wuld prepare it soon and send it to you Messrs Gill, Ferguson & Co has promised me to forward to you the Gazette and the Quarterly Review I have not got the paper that the advertisements you mentioned was in I expect to get the one that yours was in but the one Smiths was in I am afraid I will not find but I will try and if I can find them will send them by Mr Hunter. I have recd letters from home. They were all well. I am afraid Woodbury will have trouble about his colony, as I am told that Prentice (the same that broke the Kentucky Insurance Company) and Col Mexar [Mexia] has claims to it. What the nature of these claims is I know not— Col Mexhas Lady told me her husband was going to Texas next Spring to Settle that colony and they say Woodbury has no claim to it, that he is merely an agent for the others. It will be impossible for me to move my family before March and if you are elected to the Legislature it is possible that you will be home against the time we get there adieu may God bless and preserve you

James F. Perry

I will send you the Quarterly Review by Mr. Hunter I expect he will be there nearly as soon as the Nelson as he will be in readiness as soon as I get home.

I have failed in procuring the necessary description of the uniform Coat the Taylor could not describe it so that it could be made by the description, as I have procured the cloth in Phila. I will send it on my return to our mutial friends Austin and Taylor who have prepared to attend to having it made here and forward to New Orleans by the first opportunity and will probably be there against Mr. W. M. Hunter arrives at New Orleans

J. F. P.